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10/6/2017 7:07 AM

The festival of lights is around the corner. But it is not only the Diwali lights we look forward to, we look to meeting and greeting our loved ones, showing our love through some amazing Diwali gifts and of course getting our hands on those awesome varieties of sweets and namkeen we are gifted. Let’s face it, we all rush to open the box of sweets once the guest leaves, don’t we. Diwali is all about sharing the love in the form of nicely boxed presents with special people of our lives, to show our respect for them and share a complete happiness. But it is important that our presents are of high quality, amazing taste (if it is an eatable), and they certainly should be creatively packed. At Madhurima Sweets, you get just the thing.


Our amazing range of sweets and namkeen delight our customers worldwide. We are highly committed to providing awesome quality sweets & namkeen and we give proper attention to styling and design of the packing. So you get a complete package of what to gift and with our online store option, you get it at your doorstep.


Below we have a compiled a list of Diwali Sweets & Gift Packs that you can gift this Diwali and feel proud of choosing the best.


Your Diwali Sweets present is our responsibility


From roasted dry-fruits to wide-ranging sweets mix, you will find Diwali Sweets online on our website. Though everything in here is a joy to have or to gift, some deserve mention especially as contemporary attractions to gift this Diwali


Meetha or Namkeen exclusive box - This has the best of both worlds in one single beautifully designed box. With a choice of namkeen, you get a variety of sweets.

Roasted and Flavoured Cashew(Kaju) - It is a variety in a variety. Four types or roasted cashews is what you get.

Kaju Barfi and Pista Diamond - Kaju and Pista, what more can you ask for.

Dainty pack exclusive - Yet another awesome mix of Sweets with a variety of classic namkeen in a perfectly designed box that attracts all.

Dry Fruit mix and Dry Fruit sweets - Designer boxes filled with ecstasy of dry fruit sweets, perfect choice as a stand-out present

Nature’s delight box -  Nature has amazing things in store and we are a medium to bring them to you. This box has an amalgamation of high-quality dry fruits packed in an attractive body.

Wooden Mewa Bite - With a startling packing, it has a tasteful sweet packed inside. A package you just can’t avoid.

Dry Fruits Laddoo and Panjiri Laddoo - An avant garde picking that will give your loved ones to praise your choice everywhere


Karanchi Halwa - As rich the name is, so is the taste. Try it at your earliest and have it as a part of your gift shopping list this Diwali.


Anjeer Figgie - The best combination of Anjeer sweet you will find out there.


Sugar Free Paneer Jalebi -  If you are gifting it to someone who prefers sugarless stuff, this won’t leave you disappointed. A new-generation creation and a unique combination are what defines it well.


At Madhurima Sweets, there is a huge variety for you to choose from according to your specifics. Tune in to our online sweet shop and explore the options. And like we always say, wherever you go, we follow. In India or outside India, we deliver almost everywhere. So, the secret to making your Diwali extra special is now in your hands. Make the most of it.

Madhurima Sweets wishes you all a grand and a prosperous Diwali 2017!

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