RakhshaBandhan - The bond of love, the occasion for sweets

8/22/2017 1:29 AM


August has begun, and festival vibes are in the air. It is that time of the year where a majority of Indian festivals shine bright and give us the opportunity to meet and greet our loved ones. Rakshabandhan is one of the most special festivals which is celebrated in India and amongst Indians living abroad. It’s when brothers and sisters, forgetting all the tit-bits of the sibling rivalries, express their love and care towards each other. Hence keeping in mind this special occasion, we MadhurimaSweets.com, present you some amazing gift hampers, sweets with an essence of love and beautifully decorated boxes with complimentary Rakhi with every order so as this Rakhi the bond between you and your sibling only grows stronger.

Rakshabandhan is special, make sure you're buying from a Special Place!

Since its inception in 1825, Madhurima Sweets has always been one of the most popular sweet shops in Lucknow and it is a pleasure to mention that we have expanded our services as an online sweets delivery brand to almost all parts of the world. We wouldn’t want you to miss on the sweet delicacy of ours, and hence we stalk you everywhere. And over traveling kilometers and miles, the quality, the taste, the ecstasy always remains the same that only betters with time. Fresh and Hygienic food is always our priority and we do not compromise on that. We owe you this, as your sweet taste buds are our ultimate inspiration to produce best at all times. This Rakshabandhan, buy from our wide range of rakhi sweets online and surprise your near and dear ones.

Is your brother staying abroad? MadhurimaSweets.com is available at your service! Get complimentary Rakhi with every order

In this fast-paced, highly competitive environment, it is at times difficult to physically meet our families on these important occasions, we, however, cannot help you to be physically there but we can bridge this gap with our amazing online delivery services that help you deliver the gift hampers, sweets to your loved ones at the exact time and place that you desire. In fact, if you are sending it in India, we deliver for free and charge a minimal cost to deliver out of India. No extra charges, it is your love that pays us in smiles, and it is worth more than any currency in the world. So, with a complimentary Rakhi with every order, you just have to make an order to feel the completeness of Rakshabandhan even if you are not there. Our international delivery takes some days, so don’t wait and order now. Our Rakhi with sweets has gained an immense popularity and thanks to you for showing the trust.

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We Indians do not need any particular occasion to celebrate, to show our happiness, to show our love, as it is in our very veins to see people around us happy and content. What better way than to gift them a sweet surprise and make it worth the while. Delight your loved ones with our amazing range of products, customize your own taste of sweets with our sweet boxes package and stay happy.

Why Prefer Madhurima Sweets?

Madhurima Sweets is the best manufacturer of traditional sweets from the ‘Nawabo ka Shehar’ Lucknow, delivering an amazing range of products worldwide. Sharing the love of Sweets with Indians and people outside India. We are known and admired for our wide range of traditional sweets but have also catered to the changing taste of modern times-adding that ‘dash of innovation’ to conventional merry making. Our unique and wide variety includes products like gift Hampers, Mewa Bite Range, Dry Fruit Box Combos, Kaju Traditional Sweets, Sugar-Free Sweets, Dry Fruit Range, Namkeen Delights, Wedding Special Sweets, Kaju Mithai and more. We also provide Secure Shopping, Best Price, Widest Range, Amazing offers, Fast Service, 24-7 Customer Support.

Happy Rakshabandhan!

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